Published: Mon, October 23, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Taylor Swift's 'Gorgeous' Sends the Internet Into a Total Tizzy

Swift, of course, has been known to pen songs about her relationships, so people have been diving in deep for meaning. To her many fans and some anti-fans' surprise, it showed a hint of the old pop star.

"I got a boyfriend, he's older than us", the lyrics read. Blake and Ryan also liked Swift's Instagram post previewing the song, including the voice cameo. As she has confirmed to her fans on Tumblr, "Gorgeous" is all about her current beau, although the two have yet to make their public debut.

So far this seems the most plausible theory and several Twitter users claimed that Swift leaked the info at her private listening session on Wednesday. "Gorgeous" brings back the lighter side of the singer.

The song is third song released off "Reputation.' It follows 'Look What You Made Me Do" and 'Ready For It'. The song has become an icon just minutes after the release.

The song opens with the sound of a toddler sounding out its title and saying, "Gor-Geous".

Swift and King have a tight bond, so much so that the actress and model appointed Swift to be Baby Leo's godmother.

Listen to Taylor Swift's brand new track "Gorgeous" below and pre-order Reputation now. Reputation will be released on November 10 and is available for pre-order here.

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