Published: Tue, October 03, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Sony Announces a Brand New PlayStation VR Headset

Sony Announces a Brand New PlayStation VR Headset

Sony didn't say when the new model of PlayStation VR will arrive in stores but it will cost the same as current PSVR bundles whenever it does. This means that users will now be able to watch HDR-compatible content via their PS4 on TV without having to disconnect the external Processor Unit between the PS4 and TV.

The Sony PlayStation VR headset launched previous year and now it gets a design update.

There is no release date for the west, at the moment, but the new model will launch in Japan on October 14th.

According to Sony's announcement, "Working with our colleagues over at Sony Rewards and Capital One, we are excited to present a new PlayStation Credit Card with rewards designed specifically with gamers like you in mind". Unlike the old PSVR which debuted past year, the new design does not require users to disconnect in order to view HDR content. Sony will print the model number on the box, making some small aesthetic changes to packaging as well. The new headset's model number is CUH-ZVR2.

On top of that, the cable connecting the headset and the Processor unit is slimmer for better usage comfort.

All existing games and peripherals will be compatible with the redesigned headset.

Given the proximity of the two hardware launches, you would think that Sony would ensure that both parts would work flawlessly together and that they would complement each other.

Along with that cable, the hardware is getting a new processor unit.

You can. They won't be in VR, though. In the PlayStation blog post announcing the credit card, it was revealed that players would earn significantly more points with every purchase using the card. Pricing (including bundles) will also remain the same as the original. Still, we'd love to see some improved tracking for the headset's 180 degree single-camera solution, or some improved motion controllers.

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