Published: Sat, October 21, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Sessions Refuses to Answer Questions on Trump, Comey

Sessions Refuses to Answer Questions on Trump, Comey

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the appointment of a watchdog this week to oversee the civil asset forfeiture program his Justice Department re-instated earlier this year. During his confirmation hearing in January, Sessions falsely claimed he had no contacts with Russian officials during the presidential campaign-when he was a prominent supporter of Donald Trump. In one particularly heated exchange, Minnesota Democrat Al Franken recounted what he described as Sessions' shifting statements on his Russian Federation contacts.

Sessions also failed to answer questions about religious exemptions from the Affordable Care Act, and how it might apply to believers who practice faith healing and reject modern medicine.

I don't know if I can make a blanket commitment to that effect.

On Wednesday, when Sen.

Sessions' policy, which he sent to agency heads and US Attorneys this month, does not create new law, but rather interprets how the government should construe the Constitution and existing federal law. "As a result, during today's hearing and under these circumstances today, I will not be able to discuss the content of my conversations with the president".

"It is a lawful and necessary order that we are proud to defend", Sessions told the committee. Leahy, a former prosecutor, said that Sessions has shifted from issuing flat denials of his contacts with Russians to saying that he could not recall his conversations.

Senator Patrick Leahy subjected Jeff Sessions to pointed questioning about differences is his responses from previous statements.

Sessions reacted indignantly to Democrats who challenged him about his interactions with Kislyak.

The attorney general accused Mr Franken of making a lot of allegations and said the senator was "improperly framing" the situation. "Give me a break".

While Mr Sessions suggested that Mr Comey was ousted because of the Clinton email case, Mr Trump said he was thinking of "this Russian Federation thing" when he made a decision to ax his Federal Bureau of Investigation chief.

Sessions continued to give half-answers and, sometimes, no answer at all when pressed about the scope of his religious decree and how it might impact the rights of non-believers and the LGBTQ community. "You can not underestimate the error made by Comey in the handling of the Clinton case", Sessions said.

"Certainly, the more President Trump opens his mouth and/or his Twitter account, the harder it will be for him and his associates to prevail in a fight over executive privilege - but that won't stop them from invoking it, and from requiring Congress or the courts to sort it out", wrote Vladeck in an email. The move is sure to upset Democrats after Sessions used the same excuse in refusing to answer similar questions in June.

Democrats say Trump administration officials have concocted that argument to evade congressional oversight. However, in July, the Washington Post reported USA intelligence intercepts of Kislyak's accounts of the conversation to his superiors in Moscow that indicated that they had discussed campaign and policy issues.

SESSIONS: It was not a simple question. "That's a yes or no question", he said. Any serious reading of the Justice Department's memorandum shows that it clearly allows for federal employees, grant recipients, and contractors to discriminate when providing benefits and in their hiring and firing practices based on completely subjective individual beliefs. "You can't just have that period of abeyance go into the indefinite future", Whitehouse said.

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