Published: Mon, October 09, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Ryanair offers its pilots improved pay and conditions

Ryanair offers its pilots improved pay and conditions

Although Ryanair put its cancellation of 18,000 flights down to errors it made in coordinating pilots' holidays, some have suggested it is simply running short of staff, due to rivals poaching them.

In it Mr O'Leary pledges that there will be significant changes to, and investment in, our rostering and pilot career development over the next six months.

Mr O'Leary's letter asked the pilots to take note of "the recent bankruptcies of Air Berlin, Alitalia and Monarch", as well as the difficulties faced by another budget airline, Norwegian Air, which has been under pressure to boost its finances.

But in the letter he urges pilots to stay with Ryanair "for a brighter future".

The Civil Aviation Authority had given the Irish carrier a deadline to arrange compensation for the 700,000 passengers affected, indicating it could launch legal proceedings against Ryanair otherwise.

He said that the comments had been directed at "pilots of competitor airlines and their unions", a favoured refrain of O'Leary's when addressing those who have criticised his employment model.

Mr Hickey's job was to schedule the pilots' shifts. As per reports, he has promised wage increases of as much as 10,000 euros and loyalty bonuses of up to 12,000 euros tied to achievable performance targets.

The Ryanair boss also urged the airline's pilots not to join "one of these less financially secure or Brexit-challenged airlines".

Ryanair is facing a crisis after this acompana changed the timing of the accrual of leave during the year to meet the new aviation regulations, and this has led to a shortage of pilots.

Last month the airline announced it was cancelling 50 flights per day and grounding 25 planes for the winter, affecting the travel plans of 715,000 people.

In mid-September, Ryanair announced the first wave of mass cancellations.

Thus, Ryanair was left without enough pilots to carry out regular flights in September and October.

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