Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Rescuer of Jasmine Block gives Jasmine the reward money

Rescuer of Jasmine Block gives Jasmine the reward money

Mr. Melchert said he knew exactly what to do with the check: He gave it to Ms. Block.

Earl Melchert is hailed as a hero after he helped a kidnapped girl return home and then handed her his $7,000 reward. But when he got home he noticed something out in his field in Elbow Lake, MN.

"I just want to say that the good lord put me in that spot", Melchert told Block and her family on Friday.

What he saw, it turned out, was 15-year-old Jasmine Block, who had disappeared on August 8 from her home in Alexandria, Minn., about 30 miles from Mr. Melchert's home. "That's the best thing you can do that makes you feel good when you help somebody out in a bad situation". He said that the issue had been online, on the news and everywhere people were talking about the issue. Melchert had seen her face on the news and on posters in stores everywhere.

A man who helped a teenager after she escaped from her kidnappers has chose to give his reward money to her family. She knocked on nearby doors for help, but when no one answered, she swam across a lake to evade her captors.

The story of the teenage girl escape made headlines over the days that followed with her family attributing her escape to bravery and tenacity.

The girl's family and the police department applauded Melchert for his kindness and generosity.

$5000 worth of the reward money was from an anonymous donor, and $2000 was from the Block family themselves.

The Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported that the victim, Jasmine Block, 15, was held captive by three men for 29 days. But it wasn't long before he recognized her as the missing girl from Alexandria. While en route, the farmer reportedly spotted a auto driven by one of the suspects-resulting in an arrest the same day. Block recognized the vehicle and was able to give the police information leading to the subsequent arrests of Barker, Holby, and Powers.

Everyone has heaped praise onto Melchert, who has insisted he did the right thing and was happy to help.

Sarah Block told KMSP, "I think she's a warrior". She thanked him and the Alexandria Police Department.

He, along with two other men, proceeded to zip tie Jasmine, and keep her in a closet.

The chief called her "amazing" and a "young lady with a lot of strength", and Mr. Melchert said she was the "real hero".

"I've been waiting to meet him", she said. But Melchert said he wanted the reward to go to the teen and her family.

"What a retirement present to hand over some money to people that really need it."

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