Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

OnePlus is quietly collecting a ton of data from its smartphones

OnePlus is quietly collecting a ton of data from its smartphones

A researcher has revealed that OnePlus 2 has been sending particular patterns to a company server and that too without any kind of permission.

The issue was first noticed by a UK-based security researcher named Chris Moore. In a time where user information and security of sensitive information is becoming more important, a transparent and comprehensive understanding of what information is being collected and for what goal (as well as the option to completely opt out of such collection) would be greatly appreciated in any situation.

Granted, were sure OnePlus isnt the only company collecting usage information.

The forum Hacker News explains how to do it in detail. Here you can disable that toggle. This is true for Apple's iPhone and it's specifically true for Android phones.

If this is your first time using ADB, there will be some trial-and-error as you ensure everything is configured correctly, but if you follow the instructions on the ADB website, you should be good to go.

While mobile phone manufacturers are known to collect data as a form of feedback to understand which features of the smartphone users take advantage of most, OnePlus's analytics data collection was much greater than other OEMs.

OnePlus, the popular smartphone maker has landed in trouble yet again.

However, it gets even more unnerving.

To be fair, as long as this data stays with OnePlus, there's no risk to the end user.

With that much amount of data, it would be easy to connect the dots to an individual user.

Logging unexpected reboots would make sense (it could help developers fix OS bugs), but as Moore noted in his blog, recording every time the phone is unlocked or locked seemed excessive.

We contacted OnePlus to see if the company was aware of the problem.

The OnePlus team responded to the data collection claims, and told Android Police, "We securely transmit analytics in two different streams over HTTPS to an Amazon server". According to some reports, OnePlus has been harvesting unanonymised data analytics from its buyers. It can be turned off by visiting Settings Advanced Join user experience program. According to Moore, the code responsible for the data collection is part of OnePlus Device Manager and OnePlus Device Manager Provider.

A Twitter user, Jakub Czekanski, said that the data transmission can be "permanently disabled". Still, uninstalling the telemetry through ADB seems like the more absolute option.

At a time when data theft is one of the biggest concerns for consumers using a variety of smart devices, #Oneplus has been found guilty of breaking its customers' trust. Back in July 2016, a software developer called Tux pointed out the same thing on Twitter, and even posted a complete record of his findings to Pastebin.

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