Published: Wed, October 18, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Now You Can Order Food On Facebook

As well as not actually solving a problem, Facebook's food ordering feature is arguably more bloated than the established services it's created to go up against. This new feature has been launched in the USA to order meals from restaurants preferred like the Chipotle and Five Guys, straight from the app itself.

Users can find the new option "Order Food" in the Explore menu in the Facebook app, where you can then browse area restaurants and click "Start Order" when you know what you want.

You're settling down for a quality evening in, alone, with family or friends (or a date), and you think "let's order takeout tonight". This is the ability to order food takeout so that hungry FB users will not even need to go away from the website or app.

For small business owners in the restaurant industry, the internet and social media have introduced affordable channels to attract new customers. Apart from this, there would be good exposure for some of the services that users might not be already familiar with.

Of course, using Facebook to order food might prompt users to spend more time perusing their news feeds - and seeing ads. In this way, Facebook does not have to compete with them as it has partnered with these services. You can use your existing login details with these delivery services or if you don't have an account with the relevant delivery service you will be prompted to create one. And even if you do not have an account, you can sign up without leaving the Facebook app.

The new Order Food feature is rolling out to all users in the US on Android, iOS and desktop. In particular with regards to Facebook ads: advertisers could get more prominence when people are browsing for their dinner.

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