Published: Tue, October 24, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Nintendo Direct will showcase Animal Crossing for mobile this week

Nintendo Direct will showcase Animal Crossing for mobile this week

Well, at least they aren't getting our hopes up for an Animal Crossing Switch game reveal.

Depending on how it's handled an Animal Crossing mobile title could be a good fit for phones.

The Direct will run for 15 minutes, though Nintendo was quick to note that there will be no further hardware or software announcements during the presentation, so it should be 15 solid minutes of Animal Crossing Mobile, or whatever the game's name turns out to be. If this was announced without those details, the internet would be put into a frenzy with Animal Crossing rumors. It's already a game that is best played on the go in short bursts, and Nintendo has a huge opportunity to deliver another hugely popular mobile game as they did in Super Mario Run. Currently, there are four Animal Crossing games released on Nintendo's gaming machines (Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Wii, and Nintendo 3DS). Imagine being hassled by mortgage lender Tom Nook while on your morning commute, on the Switch's crisp 720p touchscreen display?

But what is Nintendo going to tell us? The presentation will focus exclusively on the mobile game and will begin at 12 p.m. Japan time this Wednesday, October 25th - or 11 p.m. EST on Tuesday, October 24th. Animal Crossing is likely to be available for free, in which case Nintendo will include in-app purchases.

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