Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Mobs In India Humiliates Nigerian Man, Tied & Beats Him Mercilessly

Mobs In India Humiliates Nigerian Man, Tied & Beats Him Mercilessly

Police said that one of the accused, Krishan Kumar, who was allegedly involved in the assault on Ahmad (27), was arrested Monday and a case under Section 308 of the IPC was registered at Malviya Nagar Police station. After the brutal assault, he was arrested and jailed but the perpetrators of his torture remain at large.

A police officer said the incident may be related to a September 24 attempted robbery in which some people in Malviya Nagar registered an FIR against an apparent African, identified as Ahmed, son of Aliyo.

He was barely conscious and severely wounded when the mob handed-over the man to the police. While locals told the police that the reason the culprit was grievously injured was because he fell down the stairs as he was trying to escape, the video shared by ANI is more than enough evidence for what happened.

The video that NDTV found exposes the collective lie.

The videos show Ahmad lying on the floor with his legs tied as the mob thrashed him.

"Get red chilly. Beat him harder..." The man cries out aloud: "Forgive me". He was seen tied to an electric post. The police reached the location and took custody of the Nigerian national. The Nigerian national was arrested by the police after a complaint of theft was filed against him by a resident of the area.

But no one knew until the video emerged that he had been assaulted.The police say action will be taken against the attackers based on the video.

The video shows a group of people tying the Nigerian national, whom they accused of theft, to a pole and beating him mercilessly with sticks as he screamed and sought mercy.

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