Published: Wed, October 04, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Messenger Lite For Android Launched In US, Canada And Other Countries

Messenger Lite For Android Launched In US, Canada And Other Countries

Facebook Messenger has gotten to be a bloated mess.

You won't be able to use all the other features of Messenger (some of which are actually pretty great, IMO), but you'll still get the basic chat functionality, which is what the Messenger app is supposed to be about to begin with. Nothing more, nothing less.

A bit over six years ago, Facebook launched its Messenger mobile apps for iPhone and Android in the U.S. and Canada, foreshadowing the eventual transfer of chat functionality out of its main social networking app.

Facebook's data-saving Messenger Lite alternative was so far available for users in developing countries. That is unless you're on iOS.

Facebook introduced Messenger Lite late a year ago so that those in developing countries could enjoy it without a heavy toll on older or less powerful smartphones.

Lead by India and Brazil in terms of downloads, the Messenger Lite was first introduced in October 2016 in five countries before its near global expansion in April. Messenger Lite app has been built for slower networks, and was previously restricted to mostly developing countries. The app has its own personal assistant, and now every time you open it you're also hit in the face with all your friend's Stories. The new rollout could help Facebook attract more teens to Messenger, both traditional and Lite. But, it is also ideal for users who don't want bloatware on their device that comes with the regular Messenger app.

Lite version is developed for mobile data-constrained countries and entry-level Android smartphones. This is one of the core reasons that stimulated the introduction of Messenger Lite.

Messenger Lite is admittedly an odd prospect in markets like the USA and the UK.

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