Published: Sat, October 21, 2017
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McLaren teases 2018 P1 hypercar successor

McLaren teases 2018 P1 hypercar successor

McLaren has said that they will be announcing the final name and provide more details regarding the upcoming model before the year ends.

The new model will come before the much-rumoured and talked about BP23, which will be McLaren's first - and the world's first, according to McLaren - "Hyper-GT" vehicle.

McLaren say the P15 (which won't be its production name) will be a brutal, track-focussed auto happily compromising on-road usability for the most intense experience on track.

Even being an ultimate track auto, the new model will be road legal.

Designed as a spiritual successor to the McLaren F1, the BP23 has the same three-seat layout that puts the driver smack-dab in the centre of the cockpit.

McLaren has confirmed it will be launching two new models parked under its Ultimate Series banner, where you'll also find the P1. The design is described as "brutal" and will be the purest expression of the British marque's "form follows function" philosophy. Powering the track-focused McLaren will be the highly reworked hybrid powertrain of the P1 GTR. The automaker says both vehicles will be produced in "very limited" numbers and all examples have already been spoken for.

McLaren says it will be street-legal (just!) but daily usability has been sacrificed in favour of intense driver response on track - which is adspeak for rock-hard suspension, ultra-direct go-kart steering, the barest minimum of driver aids and the throttle response of a striking cobra. This boosts the power-to-weight ratio which is an important element for a track-focused auto.

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