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Marlins' Derek Jeter remains mum on Giancarlo Stanton's status

Marlins' Derek Jeter remains mum on Giancarlo Stanton's status

After spending two decades playing for the New York Yankees, the future Hall of Famer will finally get a chance to build his own Major League Baseball club.

On the day that Derek Jeter was introduced as the new face of Miami Marlins ownership, Haslem spoke of the new culture being established three miles from AmericanAirlines Arena.

Jeter and Bruce Sherman will speak publicly for the first time about the deal at a news conference Tuesday. "I'm just so excited about the opportunity with an icon like Derek as CEO of the Marlins is a great experience we're all looking forward to achieving together".

Jeter also has not called Samson since the stories of the firings first appeared, so it's pretty clear there was no misunderstanding; Jeter simply just changed his mind sometime after the stories came to light.

"To Miami, we believe in this market. We believe in this fan base", Jeter said.

McKeon, now 86, managed the upstart 2003 Marlins team to an upset victory over Jeter's Yankees in the 2003 World Series, and Conine was a key member of both Marlins World Series-winning teams, in 1997 as well as '03. He has about a 4 percent stake in the ownership group and said he will surround himself with qualified people. "When I retired, I don't miss playing the game, but I miss being part of the team".

One person familiar with the talks said Jeter, in his calls to them, told them that of course he wanted them back, explaining he had a deep interest and appreciation for history. "One thing I'm good at is knowing what I do not know".

Jeter said he hasn't met with any players, and wouldn't address the future of Stanton, the major-league home run and RBI champion.

The status of manager Don Mattingly and team president Mike Hill also have yet to be determined.

Jeter said evaluations of all personnel will be done, as happens with every team every offseason.

Giancarlo said in 2012 that his family and close friends call him "Mikey," but Jeter said he neither knows Stanton well nor has he spoken with him.

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