Published: Wed, October 18, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Man arrested after cops mistook doughnut for meth gets $37500 from Orlando

Man arrested after cops mistook doughnut for meth gets $37500 from Orlando

A Florida man who was arrested in 2015 after police mistook doughnut glaze in his auto for methamphetamines has received a $37,500 (£28,269) settlement.

But by the time the more thorough test was completed, Rushing spent 10 hours in jail and posted a $2,500 bond. This all happened in one day to Daniel Rushing in Orlando in December 2015, and NPR reports the 65-year-old now has a $37,500 settlement from the city after he sued them.

The police officers arrested Rushing after discovering small flakes of sugar glaze on his car's floorboard.

In an interview with the #Orlando Sentinel, Rushing stated that he was surprised to see the test results as he had never smoked meth at any point in his life.

Despite the confusion, Rushing has said he is not angry towards the police department and said in fact the officer arresting him was "very polite and nice".

Nonetheless, Rushing can now buy a whole lot of Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts with his $37,500 payout.

Rushing was exonerated by a crime lab a few weeks later, but he told the Orlando Sentinel that he couldn't get a job because the arrest was on his record. The charge also still appears on his record. The 64-year-old told the Orlando Sentinel that even after he was clear of the charges, it was hard for him to move on, as the arrest was still visible on his records.

The police department said the arrest was lawful and did not explain why the glaze tested positive for methamphetamine in both field tests.

Riggs-Hopkins was given a written reprimand for making an improper arrest. Shelby Riggs-Hopkins used a drug field test kit.

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