Published: Sat, October 07, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Lenovo officially announces the ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 with "retro" features

Lenovo officially announces the ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 with

A few month's ago, I speculated on the release of a new "retro" ThinkPad as Lenovo was edging towards the 25th anniversary of this iconic device.

Granted that almost every ThinkPad iteration looks somewhat retro, the 25th-anniversary model is basically taking the word retro and underlining it three times.

Still, there will be a sufficient quantity for all of this model's fans, ones that will come to further raise the ThinkPad's numbers. "It balances sophisticated aesthetics, thoughtfully crafted user experiences and renowned engineering in order to deliver superior products", says David Hill, former chief design officer at Lenovo. "Instead, it is the embodiment of an original and authentic idea". New ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 received a classical trackball right in the center of the keyboard, backlit keys, seven rows of buttons, separate volume buttons and, importantly, the Enter key is blue - that was the hallmark of the first ThinkPad, though not in all instances.

While the $1,900 ThinkPad 25 might be about celebrating the old, the innards are decidedly modern. Lenovo has tried to give the special edition machine a retro look and thus pay the tribute to a laptop lineup that is still alive for more than two decades. It runs on a powerful Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB of fast SSD storage, and a dedicated graphics chip. What makes this laptop even more retro is the smattering of parts available, including Thunderbolt 3, Ethernet port, HDMI port, SD card reader, and three USB 3.1 gen 1 ports. That's in addition to a touch-enabled 14-inch FHD display.

As you might expect, Lenovo has made only limited quantities of this special edition laptop and it'll only be go on sale in select countries as well.

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