Published: Mon, October 16, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Kellyanne Conway depicted as Pennywise; Harvey Weinstein scandal addressed

Kellyanne Conway depicted as Pennywise; Harvey Weinstein scandal addressed

Emmy-winning Kate McKinnon's Kellyanne Conway returned to the new season of "Saturday Night Live" last night in a parody of the highly-successful horror reboot "IT". "I'll give you insane, crazy quote", Kellywise offers, touching on a few of the most recent hot-button issues concerning the White House.

Before he can catch it, it blows into a storm drain, where he finds Kellywise lurking creepily.

Cooper then wakes up from a nightmare at his desk at the cable news network studio with McKinnon as Conway sitting beside him saying: "Thank you for booking me".

'What did you do to your makeup?' Cooper, visibly shaken asks and Conway tells him she 'toned it down'. 'I'll give you quote.

"I know. Do you want another one?"

But Conway offers another quote explaining that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson didn't call Trump a 'moron.' Instead, since they were enjoying a sundae and when and the president asked if he wanted more sprinkles and the secretary said 'more on'. Instead, this was a brilliant parody of the way that left-wing shows thrive on outrageous quotes from people like Conway, just as right-wing shows live for hyperbolic tweets from left-wing college professors. He warns "Cooper" against talking to Kellywise. "You'll float too, Anderson", she promises him.

Meanwhile, poor CNN anchorman Anderson Cooper ("Hey Coopy!") never really stood a chance, especially once he has been shown his worst fears. a second term for Trump. Even Rachel Maddow has fallen prey to her darkness, Thompson says-which is when Cecily Strong-as-Maddow makes her appearance in the sewer next to Kellywise.

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