Published: Вс, Октября 08, 2017
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Jets hope Myles Garrett's debut is no day at the Beach-um

Jets hope Myles Garrett's debut is no day at the Beach-um

No, but it is good enough for me.

"I'd love to, " he said. "Don't make the moment bigger than it is". "This is about winning the game and playing the best you can play for as long as you can play".

"I think he is going to play well for us just seeing him out at practice". "We are just ready to see him go out there and let it loose. I just have to keep doing my job and playing as hard as I can play".

"But it's just about maintaining your focus", said Garrett, whose parents will travel from their home in Arlington, Texas, to attend the game at FirstEnergy Stadium.

"He ran around today, so I will go back and look at the tape and see exactly everything he did because he didn't do it with the team, being very honest and forthright", Jackson said.

"But it seems like every year the player that you want to suck for ends up dropping and not being the top pick. or what you expected".

"Just watching him come off the ball, he's so explosive, " said Kirksey. "I'll be out there as much as they want me to be", Garrett told reporters, "whether it's a lot or a little".

"Myles believes (he could have played), and he probably could have last week, but now, hopefully, he will be more productive and it is a much more healthy way to continue on", Gregg Williams said. "But we all have to play well".

Garrett acknowledged that having the full line intact "could be special But we won't know until we all get out there. There has been a really good look in his eye".

Garrett admitted the build-up to his first real game has been nerve-wracking. He's yet to record a sack but has an interception among his five passes defended.

"We'll discuss it", Bowles said.

Wide receiver Robby Anderson returned to practice after being excused Wednesday and Thursday for personal reasons.

That doesn't mean he can't get excited about a sack or touchdown, obviously.

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