Published: Mon, October 30, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

James Toback denies sexual harassment allegations

James Toback denies sexual harassment allegations

Days before the Los Angeles Times published an exposé on filmmaker James Toback, which included allegations of sexual misconduct made against him by 38 women, Toback slammed some accusers in a profane, combative interview with Rolling Stone. Toback, the director of films such as Two Girls and a Guy and Seduced and Abandoned, has denied any wrongdoing, claiming he had not met any of the women quoted in the article or that if he had, their meetings were brief.

"I've struggled seriously to make movies with very little money, that I write, that I direct, that mean my life to me", Toback, 72, told reporter Hillel Aron. And anyone who says it is a lying c-sucker or c-t or both. James asked, "Can I be any clearer than that?"

Ms. McAdams, 38, who was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in "Spotlight", told Vanity Fair that Mr. Toback invited her to his hotel room when she was 21, intimidated her and told her that he had masturbated while thinking about her. Unlike Blair, however, she shared the experience with her agent immediately after, who reportedly said, "I can't believe he did it again". Toback denied knowing either of them."I find it offensive and insulting and disgusting", he said.

"They hear each other. I just have to show that I am courageous and this does not bother me and nothing can shake me, '" she told Vanity Fair.

"In all honesty, I thought he was just a creep hitting on me with the oldest line in the book", the 45-year-old told the Times. When her representatives later asked her to have another meeting with the director, she refused and told them Toback was "vile" and they should not be sending any women to meet with him. When she reluctantly went up to meet him he said you could be an incredible actress just by your eyes but I can tell you don't have the confidence. Toback told her that he could potentially cast her in a role if she were to come to his hotel room and they would workshop the part together.

In another story published by the organization, they claim "200 women" have come forward with similar stories.

On Thursday, he said on Twitter that "the number of women who have contacted me about their encounters with James Toback now stands at 310".

Things got out of hand soon after she arrived. You can not leave until I have a release. I never, never, never have offered a part to anyone who didn't deserve it, and I've never not delivered when I do offer a part. And like many other sexual assault and harassment victims, she said that she somehow felt responsible for the incident.

Toback then allegedly asked if he could see her pubic hair; shortly after she excused herself from the room.

Ms. Moore, 56, an Oscar victor who stars in this month's "Suburbicon," said on Twitter that Mr. Toback approached her twice during the 1980s. He pulled out the script and said, 'I look at you, and I see that we have a real connection.

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