Published: Сб, Октября 07, 2017
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Jackie Chan says Rush Hour 4 will shoot in 2018

Jackie Chan says Rush Hour 4 will shoot in 2018

In an interview with Power 106's The Cruz Show in Los Angeles, he speaks on the potential film. "Yesterday, we just agreed". Chan says he hopes to see a new draft of the script soon and to start filming next year, per Deadline.

"It's not about money. It's about time to make [it]", Chan adds.

It's been ten years since Rush Hour 3.

And, action! Jackie Chan just teased the much-anticipated Rush Hour 4 - but it's only happening on one condition. While 2001's Rush Hour 2 almost doubled the original's take with $226.1 million domestic, $121.1 million foreign, the critically tepid 2007 threequel Rush Hour 3 struck well after the franchise iron was hot, only earning $140.1 million domestic, $117.9 million foreign.

Along with promoting his new film "The Foreigner", Jackie revealed that "Rush Hour 4" is definitely in the works. There was supposed to be a Karate Kid 2 but the script isn't right. "Rush Hour 4... we're all like, old men".

The last time we saw Chan fighting crime in a Rush Hour film was 10 years ago, and it's been way too long for both the fans and the lead actor. "No, [we're now] Karate Men.' Jaden [is] taller than me now!"

Rush Hour was released in 1998 and spawned two sequels, with Brett Ratner directing all three films in the franchise, earning a combined $849 million worldwide.

In their last outing, in 2007's Rush Hour 3, the partners were causing mischief in Paris during a mission to find an infamous mob boss. In 2015 Tucker met with Chan, where they reportedly talked about the project, then followed it up in an interview with Collider the following year, saying: "We're trying to get it going".

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