Published: Thu, October 05, 2017
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Goodfellas star Chuck Low dies aged 89

Goodfellas star Chuck Low dies aged 89

He was laid to rest with full military honors on September 20 in Edmonton, N.Y. Low served as a Major in the USA military, spending four years on active duty and another 30 as a reserve.

Low passed away at a New Jersey nursing home on 18 September, and was laid to rest with full military honours in Elmont, New York two days later.

Charles Low was born to a Russian mother and Austrian-Polish father on July 21st, 1928 and he spent 4 years in active duty as an Army major and spent 30 years in the United States Army Reserve. Low went on to act in several films, including The King of Comedy and Once Upon a Time in America.

Chuck had remained close to De Niro, who helped him carve out a career in Hollywood and co-starred with him in numerous films.

Goodfellas actor Chuck Low has died aged 89. In Goodfellas, Morrie Kessler owned "Morrie's Wig Shop", which had its own humorous commercial.

The actor guest started in a Season 1 episode of HBO TV show The Sopranos as Shlomo Teittleman, a practicing Hasidic Jew and co-owner of the Flyaway Motel. The character was killed by a screwdriver plunged into the back of his head. The motel is used by character Tony Soprano and his crew for meetings and illegal business. Low became a pioneer developer in Tribeca, playing a key role in the New York City neighborhood's transformation into luxury lofts and high-end restaurants.

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