Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Gas prices inch lower in area

Gas prices inch lower in area

The Tampa market posted the least expensive average price per gallon at $2.44.

Gas prices should decline another 5-10 cents this week. Gas prices should go down five to 10 cents this week, through Nate could affect that decline.

Mainly, oversupply and lack of demand, said's Patrick DeHaan.

Going into the weekend, there was more concern about storms in the Gulf of Mexico, as Hurricane Nate ran toward the Mississippi River Delta, and toward a large concentration of offshore oil platforms in the Gulf.

AAA Michigan surveys daily fuel prices at 2,800 gas stations across the state. Prices are continuing to slide as drivers begin to settle into fall. Oil rigs were shut down ahead of the storm and ports were closed from New Orleans to Panama City.

"As utilization rates increase and operations improve across the Gulf Coast, gas prices will continue to drop", Tidwell said.

"Gas prices have fallen steadily for the past four weeks and now we are seeing gasoline demand drop alongside prices", she said.

Regular unleaded gas is 23 cents higher now than at the same time a year ago, and Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have caused prices to spike in recent weeks.

Now that autumn's officially here, the temperature may not be dropping like it's supposed to - but gas prices certainly are.

Gas prices are returning to their pre-hurricane prices. She said it might take another week or two before prices continue to drop.

Multiple factors, including the change from summer to winter fuel blends have contributed to lower gas prices in Kansas and an expert believes they haven't hit bottom yet.

Donald Wheeler, a Chattanooga visitor from MS, was fueling up his vehicle Monday afternoon.

The AAA estimates that Ohio's average price is the lowest among the Great Lakes states and the fourth lowest in the nation, behind only Arkansas at $2.25, Oklahoma at $2.23 and Missouri at $2.20.

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