Published: Wed, October 25, 2017
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

ESPN Cancels "Barstool Van Talk" After Just One Episode

ESPN Cancels

Hosted by PFT Commenter and Barstool Big Cat, the show has already been canceled in a surprising move announced by ESPN on Monday. "Effective immediately, I am cancelling 'Barstool Van Talk, '" Skipper said in a statement.

The program always seemed a odd fit for ESPN. The decision coming after just one episode of "Barstool Van Talk" aired.

The interview/comedy show, which was briefly hosted by Barstool's Dan "Big Cat" Katz and PFT Commenter, featured Henry Lockwood as a producer. "ESPN needed us more than we needed them", he said, insisting that Barstool was not sexist or racist. Sam Ponder, I'm not really even mad about her tweet. ESPN, which is owned by Disney, always seemed to be an awkward fit with Barstool and their brand of humor, but things seemed to have come to a head with this decision.

Barstool's president also said that he wasn't angry at Ponder for tweeting the controversy that ended the partnership.

ESPN president John Skipper announced on Monday that he personally has chose to end the show. In order to illustrate her point, Sterger recalled an incident in which she was sexually harassed by an ESPN employee when she interviewed for multiple positions.

Many ESPN employees, including Sam Ponder, had major concerns about partnering with Barstool, and voiced those concerns on social media.

"In an attempt to put distance between ESPN and Barstool, (ESPN executive vice president Burke) Magnus added, 'As stated previously, we do not control the content of Barstool Sports". While Katz chuckles in the background as his boss continues to fulminate about Ponder and her family (at the time the recording was made, her husband Christian Ponder was the Minnesota Vikings' backup quarterback), he never actually says anything untoward about the broadcaster. "She accomplished what she wanted to get accomplished. She got the show canceled".

"We have no record of this ever being brought to our attention", the network said in a statement. "Because we're one of the few places, maybe the only place on the internet, where we don't let agendas dictate what we do", Portnoy said about the site, which has earned its reputation as a comedy sports website that draws eyeballs by peddling unapologetic jokes, often laced with sexism.

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