Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Equality Trust responds to Race Disparity Audit

Equality Trust responds to Race Disparity Audit

The figures on hourly earnings show that past year, the average white worker made £13.75 with black Britons earning £11.88 and workers of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin on £11.42.

Pupils' ethnicity can determine how likely they are to be excluded from school and what their test scores are likely to be, a new government report says.

■ Around two out of three white British householders owned their homes compared with just two out five householders from all other ethnic groups combined.

The data was published in a new ethnicity facts and figures website, showing how people of different races are treated in areas including health, education, employment and the criminal justice system.

Mrs May told the group the findings will mean organisations will be challenged to "explain or change". This particular subject revealed that white British respondents do not feel any more British than their African, Caribbean or Asian counterparts, on the whole. The biggest hourly wage gap was between Indian employees, who earned the highest average hourly pay at £15.81 per hour, while Pakistani and Bangladeshi employees earned the lowest at £11.42.

One statistic in the Culture and Community section of the website revealed that 77 per cent of black people "feel people from different backgrounds get on together in their local area by ethnicity" compared with other ethnicities, 80-85 per cent of whom answered "yes" to the same question.

'It's also deterring ethnic minorities from engaging in public services'. Only 54 percent of White British youngsters and 13 percent of White Gypsy and Roma children meet the same target.

Households of Bangladeshi, Pakistani, black, mixed and other backgrounds were more likely to receive income-related benefits and tax credits than those in other ethnic groups.

This compares with 1 in 10 White British households.

Around one in 10 Army personnel are from an ethnic minority background but the figure falls to just one in 50 for the RAF.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission called for a "coherent race equality strategy" from government.

The Racial Disparity Audit, released today, revealed a number of disparities in attainment between ethnic groups in a number of areas. Upon entering Downing Street as Prime Minister previous year, May expressed disappointment at stop and search tactics which were unfairly targeting black and Asian young men in particular, and vowed to achieve parity in this area. "Far from tackling burning injustices, she has added fuel to the fire".

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable said the audit showed a prejudice that was "utterly unacceptable in 21st century Britain". "But the solutions the Government is putting up are little more than a plaster on a gaping wound".

"While we welcome the publication of this data, and the Prime Minister's commitment to "explain or change" the disparities it highlights, this must now be accompanied by the resources and action necessary to make a real difference". Former Deputy London Mayor Munira Mirza said the project risked stoking a "grievance culture".

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