Published: Wed, October 18, 2017
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Drone Collides with Commercial Plane Over Quebec City

DJI, a Chinese technology company, said in a statement Monday that it "stands ready to assist" Canadian aviation authorities as they investigate the October 12 incident.

Canada's transport minister called on drone operators to fly responsibly after one of the aerial vehicles struck a commercial flight above Quebec City on Thursday. He confirmed that the aircraft, a Skyjet plane carrying eight, sustained minor damage and said he was relieved that no one was hurt.

It was the first recorded incident of a drone hitting a plane in Canada.

Last year, Dubai's global airport announced trial flights of a drone hunter, which is a remote-controlled aircraft that detects drones that can possibly stray into the airspace of a plane.

The drone hit the nose of a Skyjet-operated Beechcraft King Air A100 when the aircraft was inbound to Quebec City, says Transport Canada's online aviation incident database.

A drone that will detect problems with power lines flies over equipment at a Ameren Electric Company facility in Belleville, Illinois on September 8. "DJI absolutely condemns any unsafe operation of drones and urges all drone pilots to understand and obey the laws and regulations in their jurisdiction".

Emergency measures were immediately put in place and the plane was able to land safely, according to French media reports.

"This should not have happened", Garneau told reporters Sunday.

"This could have been could have caused a tremendous disaster". Violators of the restrictions could be fined as much as $25,000 on top of serving a prison sentence.

The updated rules will also include a minimum age for drone operators, a mandatory written test, as well as users having a pre-requisite to register their names and addresses on the drone itself.

DJI has previously said that it's disappointed by Canada's draft drone regulations, saying they would "significantly limit safe and responsible drone use".

The drone was "flown into conflict" with the Airbus 319, with a high risk of collision, read the report.

Around the world, there is growing concern about potential collisions between drones and larger aircraft, including passenger jets.

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