Published: Tue, October 10, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Danish Police Recover Some Missing Body Parts of the Journalist Kim Wall

Danish Police Recover Some Missing Body Parts of the Journalist Kim Wall

The severed head, legs and clothes of missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall have been found by police divers, Danish investigators said yesterday.

Investigators believe Madsen killed Wall between August 10 and 11, cut up her body and attached a belt with a pipe to the torso so it would sink.

The submarine sank under suspicious circumstances on the morning of the next day and Madsen was rescued shortly afterwards, initially saying that he had dropped Wall off safely in Copenhagen.

The awful discovery was made after divers had already discovered Wall's torso in a nearby location on August 21, 10 days after Wall got onto a submarine with its designer and owner, Peter Madsen, to write about his work. He has denied allegations that he was in charge of her demise.

At the time of her death, Wall, 30, was working on a story about Danish inventor Peter Madsen. Police identified it as Wall's and said blood inside the submarine matched DNA samples retrieved from her hairbrush. "And then we found a head that also laid in a bag, and was weighed down with multiple metal pieces".

During their investigation, police have found videos on Madsen's personal computer of women being tortured, decapitated and murdered.

On August 21, the torso of a woman washed up on a beach in the southwest of Amager.

Jensen said that the body parts will be investigated further to try and determine the cause of death.

Kim Wall (left) and Peter Madsen (right). "Her legs and head and arms were cut off, and we can prove that", a special prosecutor for the Copenhagen police told The Washington Post at the time. However, the police reported that the body was discovered 15 injuries.

Her head was in a bag along with two legs. He was charged in connection with the disappearance of Kim Wall, a Swedish journalist.

The detention of Madsen, who has denied manslaughter, expires on October 31 when a court will decide if he will continue to remain in custody ahead of a possible trial. She had previously written for outlets including The Guardian and Vice.

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