Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Colbert Recruits Jon Stewart To Honor Trump's 'Equal Time' Request

As he tried to think of a nice thing to say in return, Stewart meekly asked, "Can I have more time?"

Jon Stewart reunited with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show Monday and tried to provide a positive perspective on President Donald Trump - before inevitably descending into a hilarious rant.

In a tweet that referred to late-night TV as "unfunny" and "always anti-Trump", the commander-in-chief also requested equal time - which only applies to political candidates at the time of a campaign, not after they've been elected.

That question doesn't really make any sense, because Trump and his fellow Republicans get plenty of air time.

Now free of any charges of imbalance, Colbert let loose with his "usual unfair slamming of the president". You're the president. We make fun of you. "Just to make you feel better, sir", Colbert explained. Then he welcomed Stewart to the stage. After Colbert played the clip of Trump quipping that this was "the calm before the storm" during a dinner with military personnel, Stewart railed: "How is all this not the storm?"

"And be positive", Colbert said, directing that it was Stewart's moment to speak.

Once again, President Donald Trump has been tweeting insults at whoever crosses his path.

The skit ended the same way, this time with Colbert affirming that the Leader of the Free World does not eat his fellow man.

Colbert: Maybe. I'd fact check that.

Colbert: On Friday, Trump made it easier to deny women birth control. "Pretty soon, the only contraceptive women will have is his face". "Donald Trump is not a cannibal", Colbert joked as the audience cheered for both comedians.

And it was back over to Stewart, who looked a little more prepared for his next platitude.

Stewart: Donald Trump is great to women!

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