Published: Tue, October 10, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Apple unveils new emoji with iOS 11.1 update

Apple is launching hundreds of new emojis next week for iPhones and iPads, many of them "more emotive" updates of already-existing emojis and 26 of them are brand new.

They aren't available in the iOS 11.1 beta yet, but they're coming.

New smiley faces are also arriving, including a foul-mouthed angry emoticon a hushing "silence" smiley, a curious one wearing a monocle, and a insane face.

Today, Apple revealed a new set of emoji that will be coming along with iOS 11.1. The company also showed off some of the new emoji characters, all of which were adapted from approved characters in Unicode 10, the version of the Unicode Standard released on June 20. They are created to be gender neutral will also be available in various skin tones. From expressive emoticons, to different seasons, clothing options, food types, hearts, animals and fitness emojis they have got it all covered! But according to numerous reports, this #iOS 11.1 beta will bring tons of new #Emoji characters.

That said, we usually see the first 0.1 update to Apple's mobile software in late October. He'll be joined by other mythical creatures including the vampire, fairy (think Tinkerbell from Peter Pan), and the mermaid.

New emoji include a hedgehog. Many old emoji characters have been redesigned as well. However, the new update is draining the battery more quickly, twice as fast as the previous operating system iOS 10 did.

Then there's the food section where a Chinese takeout box emoji, a broccoli, and a pie will be added.

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