Published: Mon, October 09, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Apple 'aware and looking into' iPhone 8 battery-swelling issue

Could this be a potentially huge disaster similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

In case you wondered, both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are stuck together using water-resistant adhesive and getting that removed is a chore on its own. It's not clear whether the problem is occurring only in freak cases or in larger batches of phones, but this might be a potential PR disaster for Apple. It remains to see if iPhone X manages to dethrone Pixel 2 or not. The battery of these latest iPhones are swelling and causing its uniform body to split it into two.

In terms photo performance, Google Pixel 2 scored 99 unlike Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which managed to score 100.

These reports are coming in from different corners of the world, though the number of people reporting battery swelling problems is small for now. Apple spokesperson told that they are looking into the matter and will soon issue a statement.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus units began shipping on September 22, but a few new owners have noticed a peculiar issue.

On one hand, I wouldn't feel right giving Apple's marketing department too much flak for its use of the word "new".

It remains uncertain, really, whether the six reported cases are representative of a potentially Note 7-level company fiasco.

Though millions of phones manufactured will have some form of defect in them which is why Apple offers stellar after-sales service of its products, identical issues point out that either a specific component or manufacturing defect could be occurring where consumers are met with crippled phones.

"The Google Pixel 2 is the top-performing mobile device camera we've tested, with a record-setting overall score of 98". The True Tone display functionality does improve the user experience far more tangibly than slightly more color accurate or slightly brighter displays would've done, particularly since the displays on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were already nothing short of excellent. It's Apple first-ever $1,000 phone, shipping November 3.

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