Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
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5 Hints to Drop your Cards while Playing Rummy

5 Hints to Drop your Cards while Playing Rummy

Rummy is truly a game of skill. The number online resources available for rummy games clearly show its popularity. You need to developcertain skills and deploy specific strategies in order to excel in the game. Strategies are like tools; while skills are the tool guides to help you decide which tool is appropriate for a situation.

One such important strategy in online rummy is to drop your cards. While you play online rummy, to know when to drop your cards is very crucial. You need to develop the skill to identify those unfavourable situations while playing rummy and take a decision on dropping the cards. Sometimes, it proves to be the best strategy.

Take a look at few such scenarios that give you hints to drop your cards while playing rummy.

Scenario 1: A bad hand dealt

Not always do you get the best hand to meld? At times, a bad hand dealt makes it highly impossible to meld a pure sequence leaving you towonder how to play the rummy game. Instead, the best option would be to drop the cards at the start of the game itself. Examine if you can make a pure sequence in a move or two. Else, drop the cards for your benefit. Firstly, it helps to get penalized with lesser points; secondly, it will force your opponents to wonder your game plan as you would have dropped the cards. While playing rummy online, it is not always required to play all hands.

Related to joker

Scenario 2: Neither pure sequence nor joker

When you go about learning how to play rummy, you realize a pure sequence and joker play important roles in determining your win. If you are neither able to meld a pure sequence with the cards at hand nor you have any Joker, then dropping the cards is a wise action to save yourself from the penalty of heavy points.

Scenario 3: Pure sequence but no Joker

If you have a pure sequence but no Joker, then under such circumstancesto you may decide to drop the cards when it seems impossible to melds any sets or sequences. By this move, you may lessen the heavy load of penalty points. This makes sense while playing rummy online too.

Scenario 4: Joker available, but no pure sequence

The basic rule of how to play rummy begins with the forming of a pure sequence. Now, if you are unable to make a pure sequence in move or two, the chances of winning is very less. Under such situations, you could drop your cards and save yourself before any opponent makes a declaration.

Scenario 5: Middle drop

As you progress playing rummy, you realize it’s almost impossible to meld sets and sequences. As you play rummy online, dropping in the middle called middle drop is the most prudent strategy. If at any point in time your current score is more than your middle-drop score, then declare a drop. This will help you reduce your points.

Play the game tactfully

Sometimes the best strategy would be not to play. Dropping of cards is a strategy too which needs to be deployed under the right circumstances.

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