Published: Tue, October 31, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

14-Year-Old Model Dies of Exhaustion

14-Year-Old Model Dies of Exhaustion

We just heard a tragic story about a 14-year-old Russian model who died after working a 13-hour fashion show in China.

She was immediately taken to the hospital but she passed away after two days. An alternative account from Beijing claimed she had septicopyemia, with 'multiple visceral organs damaged, liver dysfunction and renal insufficiency'.

It is understood Dzyuba, from the Russian city of Perm, had been recruited by a Chinese modelling agency and was officially only allowed to work three hours a week. Her parents aren't able to afford the costs of flying her body home, so she will be cremated and her ashes will instead be flown back to Russian Federation. Her condition did not improve and, at about 6 pm that evening, agency staff took her to the Ruijin hospital in Huangpu District.

Vlada Dzyuba collapsed into a coma after a gruelling 12-hour fashion show in Shanghai.

The Siberian Times reports that Dzyuba was on a "slave labour" contract and being severely overworked.

Zheng Yi, chief executive of ESEE Model Management, said: "Dzyuba had received 16 different jobs during her two months' stay in China".

Zheng further denied allegations that her death was related to her work at Shanghai Fashion Week because the event ended on October 18.

She was supposed to only have been working a maximum of three hours per week. It is unclear what role he played in seeking medical care for the model when she needed it.

Zheng insisted her contract was "legal" even though it did not specify the number of working hours.

It is not clear who is to blame for her not having medical insurance.

It is believed that if you are recruited by Chinese modeling companies, it increases your exposure and, thus, possibility of being hired by more major brands.

Later on, it was found that Dzyuba was suffering from an inflammatory cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) which is called Chronic meningitis, which persists for 1 month at least.

'She was shy, she used to slouch. "We regret that we have lost an angel", she wrote.

She admitted such length contracts were banned in Europe which is why she went to China.

Mum Oksana said: "She was calling me, saying "Mama, I am so exhausted".

'We discussed her career with her parents, and chose to send her to China, ' she said.

The young model's relatives fear that "a desire to profit from Vlada won against elementary care" for her. Vlada was daily talking to her parents on Skype, saying how happy she was.

Officials in Russian Federation intend to investigate the circumstances surrounding the teen model's death as well as her living conditions during the three-month assignment, according to IBT.

Her distraught mother wept: "She was calling me, saying 'Mama, I am so exhausted".

Dzyuba had also contracted meningitis but she did not tell anyone because she had no medical cover.

As she waited for her next appearance, her temperature soared.

There is speculation that Vlada did not go to the hospital sooner because she had no health insurance in China.

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