Published: Tue, September 12, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Youtube HDR : Now available on Galaxy Note8, S8/S8 Plus, Sony XZ Premium

Youtube HDR : Now available on Galaxy Note8, S8/S8 Plus, Sony XZ Premium

If you're using a mobile device that doesn't support HDR, you will still see the YouTube video, but it will be a standard dynamic range (SDR) video.

HDR videos have a wider colour gamut with the shadows having more details than the usual non-HDR video formats. That list includes all the flagship devices including Google Pixel, LG V30, Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, Galaxy Note 8, and Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

The HDR Playback supports not only low-resolutions but also very high 2K (1440p) resolution at full 60FPS. However, they will expand support in more devices in the near future. There is surprisingly little content available in HDR though, but it's around if you look.

YouTube started supporting HDR content on November 2016 but hasn't rolled it out to HDR-capable smartphones since.

What do you think about this new YouTube HDR support? Anyway, as of right now, you can officially watch YouTube videos in HDR on compatible devices, including select TVs, consoles, media players, and mobile devices.

YouTube has been on a bit of an update frenzy recently, with the company rolling out a completely redesigned logo, UI and Dark Mode for everyone, but it appears that the updates haven't stopped there. So, it will soon reach to your device as well if you are not using any of the supported devices now. While there are no reddit threads about these smartphones, we can assume that support may be available if not now but soon on their YouTube apps. There's also this so-called Mobile HDR Premium, a new baseline spec for HDR-compliant mobile devices that can standardize HDR implementation. It seems like the latest update to the application brings this support as someone in the /r/GalaxyS8 subreddit shared a screenshot of their quality options for a video labeled "The World in HDR in 4K (Ultra HD)".

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