Published: Sat, September 09, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Utah detective who dragged nurse fired from paramedic job

Utah detective who dragged nurse fired from paramedic job

Alex Wubbels says she wants better working relations between police and health care workers following her July 26, 2017 arrest. The police officers did not have a warrant to obtain the blood sample, according to Fox News.

A Utah detective who arrested a nurse after she refused to let officers draw blood from an unconscious patient has been fired from his job as a part-time paramedic.

A hospital in Utah warned police officers to stay away from its nurses, in a response to the aggressive arrest of a nurse that refused to draw blood from a patient. Payne's report states he wanted a blood sample to prove the truck driver did nothing wrong. An argument between Payne and Wubbels was caught on body camera and Wubbels was arrested for "interfering with an investigation". When Wubbels refuses to cave, he simply quips, "We're done".

"He could have just packed up and gone home", Jensen added. The video named "Arrest of University Hospital nurse Alex Wobbles" via The Salt Lake Tribune YouTube account has gained 316,000 views. The suspect who was fleeing from police was killed in the crash. Police initially attempted to pull over Torres for erratic driving. They had hoped to get the victim's consent, Jensen said.

Salt Lake City police spokesperson Detective Keith Horrocks declined to comment Wednesday, citing the pending investigation.

Brown and City Attorney Margaret Plane said the city can not just fire an employee without "due process", or it places the city at risk for a lawsuit. The Salt Lake Police Association did not respond to a request for comment.

Payne was put on paid leave by the Salt Lake City police department after the initial video of him dragging the crying nurse out of the hospital went viral.

Wubbels gave a printout of the hospital's policy for drawing blood to the officers, informing them that their request did not meet the criteria.

Payne worked for Gold Cross Ambulance since 1983, according to Fox 13. Wubbels yelled, as Payne shoved her toward his squad vehicle. He seized hold of the nurse, shoved her out of the building and cuffed her hands behind her back. We're done here. We're done.

Wubbles is placed in a vehicle and sits there for 20 minutes before she is uncuffed. Why is this happening? This well-documented incident between Wubbels and Payne should serve as a reminder that even the people who adhere to the law can be ruthlessly attacked by the officers who swear allegiance to protect it. Nurse Wubbels screamed and told Payne he was assaulting her and asked Payne why he was so angry.

The Salt Lake City mayor and police chief have both since apologized for the incident. "I don't know why he acted the way he did". She also vowed that what happened to Wubbles "will not happen again".

But Jensen declined to characterize Payne as a rogue officer.

"I was scared to death", Wubbels said.

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