Published: Fri, September 08, 2017
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Usher's herpes accuser claims she has video proof

Usher's herpes accuser claims she has video proof

Sharpton appeared on the Youtube show hosted by Miss Jacob Kohinoor, and she said that she had recorded her rendezvous with The Voice judge.

Quantasia Sharpton is one of the several people suing Usher for failing to disclose to them he has herpes before engaging in sexual activities with them.

Quantasia Sharpton, the woman accusing Usher of having exposed her to herpes, claims that she has video evidence that they did, in fact, hook up, despite Usher's claims that he would never sleep with Sharpton.

Sharpton tested negative for herpes, but says Usher's perceived dishonesty about his status has caused her great anguish. Although it always helps to have witnesses, unfortunately, it does not provide a judge with physical or visual evidence. "People lie, but video don't", Sharpton said. Just when you think Usher Raymond is safe and sound, something else pops up in the media.

Sounds like the famed attorney didn't know about her client's little interview, and this new chink in Sharpton's credibility could definitely hold them back in court! She says Sharpton came down and took him up to her room a little past midnight. Bloom has said that at least one of them does have herpes.

"Yes, because she's hungry for fame", Kohinoor said. But I contacted [lawyer] Lisa Bloom to find out what my rights are as a woman. "I would not have taken a risk of getting an incurable disease". I am speaking out today on behalf of myself and others, some of whom are positive and are embarrassed to speak out publicly.

However, Usher has been emphatic in saying he "absolutely didn't hook up" with Sharpton.

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