Published: Wed, September 27, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Twitter held nothing back during the premiere episode of "Megyn Kelly TODAY"

Twitter held nothing back during the premiere episode of

Los Angeles Times TV critic Robert Lloyd was kinder to Kelly, saying she needed to be a little less guarded and that she would learn how to do the job given time.

"Megyn Kelly Today" may have premiered to solid numbers, but the host just got a very scathing review from her very first guest.

Before Kelly interviewed the police chiefs, she had a segment interviewing the cast from the hit drama "This Is Us" in a taped section.

During the launch episode she announced that the show would avoid politics entirely (although it'll include some news coverage).

Megyn Kelly inspired me to get my friends and family to compliment me on video so I can show the supercut to all potential friends.

But there she was mounting a charm offensive - fielding questions from the audience, receiving flowers from her husband and warmly yukking it up with the cast and producers of "Will ^and^ Grace", in an interview that wouldn't have looked out of place on any other daytime talk show or "Access Hollywood".

"Is it true that you became a lawyer-and you became gay-because of Will?" she said. Second, they will never forgive her for having worked at Fox News, so she should quit trying. The solution, again and again, was to return to the host - that pretaped story about the nun, for instance, was packaged as proof of Kelly's personal mantra, "Settle for More", which coincidentally enough is the title of her memoir.

"The story I have next is the reason I am here", Kelly said to introduce the segment on the chiefs, which included taped interviews with the women and footage of them working in the community.

For now, and certainly for "Megyn Kelly Today", Kelly has opted to put on hold her persona as a politically minded anchor, which is of course her right.

Kelly told the New York Times that the morning program is "the show that I was born to do".

But Kelly's is a unique move, one from a more partisan-skewing outlet, enduring an uncommon the level of scrutiny. It's the one problem that has hounded Kelly even during Fox days - she's just not good at talking to people or with people, instead of at people.

"De-escalating (a situation with) someone who is 6 foot 7, that is already drunk, and you think I am getting ready to break my nails fighting him?" she said.

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