Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Sikh politician shuts down racist heckler with 'love and courage'

Sikh politician shuts down racist heckler with 'love and courage'

Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh had barely started his meet and greet when a woman accosted him.

Singh begins a chant of "Love and Courage" with the audience.

"Let her just speak as much as she wants". "Let's show people how we would treat someone with love". Most of what she says is inaudible due to the noise in the room and Singh's microphone. He said, "We believe in love and courage..."

Speaking in a video posted to her Facebook page, Jennifer Bush sought to justify her outburst by citing Singh's support for M-103, a motion calling on members of the Canadian Parliament to condemn racism and Islamophobia, which she believes to be a Sharia-style "blasphemy law". "It's OK. As a brown-skinned turban-wearing man I have faced things like this before".

"To me, what it says is that this is probably not the first time that this has happened, that he's able to respond like that suggests to me that this has happened before, and he has some experience and ability to understand what's going to defuse the situation rather than what's going to inflame it as well", said Tolley.

Singh on Saturday night tweeted a statement regarding the incident, including an explanation of why he felt it important not to clarify to the woman that he is Sikh not Muslim.

Wab Kinew who is from an Ojibway community in northern Ontario says he has faced racism throughout his political career because of his background

In her research on race and politics, she said discrimination against minorities, gender and people's sexual orientation can give them pause about whether they want to enter or continue in politics. And if you don't know, now you know.

However, in a two-minute long video, Jagmeet Singh's calm response had won several hearts and the video has also gone viral on social media.

The online video also caught the attention of many other names, including CNN's Jake Tapper.

"There is unfortunately these undercurrents of ignorance and in some cases hatred in our political sphere and so we need leaders who can deal with it effectively", he said. "I hope wherever she is someone who cares about her is showing her how terrible she looks here".

Singh, a Sikh who is now running to be the leader of the federal NDP, organized a meet and greet for supporters last week in Brampton, Ontario, Canada as part of his campaign.

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