Published: Thu, September 21, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Ryanair puts a number on passengers affected by cancellations

Ryanair puts a number on passengers affected by cancellations

The low-priced carrier announced it expects to process 300,000 customer claims by Friday.

All 315,000 customers have been notified of cancellations and their options.

Customers have been left angry and in tears as they have been forced to call an expensive premium hotline, jammed with other distressed callers, in order to ask for refunds and new flights home.Some have been unable to return to work after their trips, and cost an unaffordable amount in unexpected hotel bills.

Ryanair is bracing for reputational damage and up to 20 million euros ($24 million) in compensation claims after suddenly scrapping flights across Europe over staffing issues.

The root cause of the massive flight cancellation was because Ryanair had a change in the system on how they organized their holiday year, which resulted in a pile of pending staff leaves that need to be taken.

Jacobs added:"We apologise sincerely to each and every one of the 315,000 customers whose original flights were cancelled over a six-week period in September and October, while we work to resolve this short-term rostering failure".

Ryanair has canceled several flights because they screwed up the schedule of their pilots' holidays.

"We have taken on extra customer service teams to speed up the rate at which we accommodate and action alternative flight requests or refund applications". We expect to have the vast majority of these completed by the end of this week. It is legally required to spell out compensation rules when a flight is cancelled and, in our view, have so far failed to do that, leaving passengers hunting around for information. This leaves the airline with a shortage of available pilots over the next six weeks.

The Employee Representative Committees in 17 of Ryanair's 85 bases, including eight in Germany, have rejected the offer of a bonus for working extra days in a joint letter to management, the source said. I say we want to put our hands up, which is what we do when we make a mess.

Ryanair this evening published details of the majority of the cancelled flights.

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