Published: Fri, September 15, 2017
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Randy Moss gets inducted into Minnesota Vikings Ring of Honor

Randy Moss gets inducted into Minnesota Vikings Ring of Honor

While Diggs' production fluctuated last season, another point of contention with his stock was his mere three touchdowns.

On Monday Night Football, the Vikings honored Moss with a ceremony where they inducted him into their Ring of Honor, which contains only 22 of the best players ever to wear the purple and gold. That was not where Bradford's game was headed with 5:30 left in a nondescript half. It must have been the shoes because Diggs completely took over the first 30-plus minutes of the Vikings' game against the Saints.

Diggs' first touchdown pass was a much easier score, but only because the Saints defense is bad and got caught peaking on a lazy little play action fake from Sam Bradford. Does Diggs use his own character on Madden?

Diggs caught seven of eight targets for 93 yards and two touchdowns in Monday night's win over the Saints.

Offensively, the Vikings came at the Saints from every angle. Everybody had so much space in every direction from then on - Adam Thielen, Kyle Rudolph, Dalvin Cook, every weapon the Vikings needed so badly a year after being so shorthanded a year ago.

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