Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
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Psychological Strategies that you can Use to Improve Your Rummy Skills

Psychological Strategies that you can Use to Improve Your Rummy Skills

Most of the players who play rummy fail to excel in the game due to their strict adherence to a particular style of playing. You need to understand that each opponent is a different person with his/her unique style of playing. Hence, as a player, you need to assess your opponent’s style as quickly as possible and change your style to win the rummy game.

If rummy is a game of skill, to a certain extent it is psychological too as it involves the reading of your opponent’s mind. It is very crucial to read your opponent’s mind, his/her expressions and make suitable changes to your style in order brighten your chances of winning at rummy.

In offline rummy games, you always have the opportunity to watch your opponents’ expressions and body language closely. Based on his moves you could possible guess the probable cards held by him/ her. However, when you play rummy online, psychological strategies do help in winning the game if applied slightly differently.

A few psychological strategies are discussed below which may help you in improving your rummy skills.

Principle #1: Bait and check

Now, this strategy if played well works wonders for you. This is used by professional players to bring a turnaround in their game even with a bad hand of cards. Here, you could discard one of your cards that hold the least importance to you in melding. On seeing your cards, your opponent may assume that you may not want to make a meld with the discarded card and may discard a card from his/her end. This could actually be a favourable card to you. This technique of bait and check is most commonly used by players in rummy online.

Principle #2: Socialize to know your opponents

It is important to know your players because strategies are not based on the rules of the game but it is based on how the game progresses. Hence, try to get to know how your opponents are - overly aggressive, smart or quick. With the availability of chat options on online rummy sites, you could get to know a little bit about your opponent’s personality. This would help you in planning your strategy accordingly.

Principle #3: Begin to change your strategy subconsciously

When you have a fair understanding of your opponent’s personality and his/ her style, as a smart player you could go ahead and start changing your strategy subconsciously. Now, there are two advantages to this. 1) The player will be taken aback for not being familiar with your new style and 2) It improves your chances of winning the Indian rummy game.

Principle #4: You are as good as your previous game

A game of rummy is not simply hailed as a skill game. Each game is different as each time the cards dealt is different. Also, it is a game you play with humans - with their own perceptions, learning and style of playing. Each game is as challenging as the previous one and as interesting as the current one.

Hence, you need to approach the each game with a fresh mindset and a new vigour.


It’s time - start playing rummy!

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