Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Protest Showdown Between Antifa And Patriot Prayer Results In Arrests

Protest Showdown Between Antifa And Patriot Prayer Results In Arrests

While no one was injured, the incident comes several weeks after a suspect at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va. rammed his auto into counter-protesters, killing one and injuring numerous others.

When pressed as to the names of the man or the arresting officers-and the incident's resemblance to the violent attack that claimed the life of 32-year-old Heather Heyer last month-McNicholas said she was aware of the similarities but had no information other than that reports are being finished today and the man could still be charged sometime in the future. Both were stopped by police.

Vancouver, Wash. - On September 10, 2017, two individuals were arrested during a rally and protest that took place in Vancouver.

"When we protest, we've got to leave the bystanders out of it", Gibson said. The former first gathered in Esther Short Park, while the latter slowly filled the stands around the Vancouver Landing amphitheater, 110 Columbia St.

The Portland Police Bureau will review video and images of today's events in an attempt to identify people who were involved in criminal activity. When the rally ended, police had the demonstrators leave eight at a time while shielding them from the counter-protesters.

Most interaction devolved to shouting matches across the gradually growing demarcation area officers created between the two camps.

Portland police documented the violence on Twitter, reporting that antifa protesters were loading sling shots and throwing tear gas grenades at officers, injuring at least two.

After the rally, some of the crowd moved toward Esther Short Park and downtown, leading to the alleged incident involving the Silverado driver. The Columbian is opting to hold off on naming him pending formal identification by police.

No one was injured in the Vancouver encounter, said police spokeswoman Lt. Kathy McNicholas.

Vancouver police asked anyone with information, photos or video of a crime during the gathering or who was a crime victim to contact their tip line at 360-487-7399 so an officer can follow up.

The scariest moment of the day occurred around 4pm, when a group of several dozen counter-protesters marching down the street encountered a black Chevrolet pickup truck which was honking its horn and rolling towards them.

Gibson's rallies consistently draw people from the far right.

In a statement, Portland police said they made seven arrests.

The Portland police said officers seized some improvised weapons and that people threw rocks, irritant smoke bombs and other objects.

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