Published: Tue, September 19, 2017
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President Trump & Melania Visit Florida Hurricane Irma Victims

President Trump & Melania Visit Florida Hurricane Irma Victims

"The Hollywood Police Department has been granted a search warrant for this property, and officers are on scene continuing their criminal investigation", said City of Hollywood Spokesperson Raelin Storey. They do not, however, represent the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills.

Two more patients died in hospitals following the evacuation of the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills on Wednesday, bringing the total number of dead to eight.

A criminal investigation is now underway into what exactly happened Wednesday morning.

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson called the six deaths in Hollywood "an inexcusable tragedy" and called on authorities to get to the bottom of it.

"It is clear that this facility can not be responsible for Florida's vulnerable patients, and therefore the State will stop them from providing care", Scott said in a news release.

It is thought the resents may have died after a loss of air conditioning during the power outage. "I would be remiss if I didn't say our deepest sympathies goes out to the families of those (who) lost their lives", Gould said.

When they arrived, paramedics were treating a critically ill patient near the entrance. Industry experts recently told Bloomberg BNA that facilities-hospitals in particular-are getting better at disaster response thanks in part to new federal regulations the Department of Health and Human Services announced in September 2016 and is working to implement. "Unfortunately, emergency services were called obviously too late".

Word of the crisis soon reached relatives.

Craig's mother. Edna Jefferson, was one of the many evacuees of the home. She finally found her mother, with doctors from Memorial already applying ice and giving her intravenous fluids. He also said investigators will look into how many windows were open in the nursing home.

More than 6 million people were evacuated from their homes in Florida, and they have slowly begun to return, even as roadways remain littered with debris, homes lack electricity and traffic signals have gone dark.

Other patients are in critical condition.

Rosemary Cooper, a licensed practical nurse at the rehabilitation centre, defended the staff's work but declined to discuss specifics.

Trump's praise, he said, is not just for rescue workers but "includes the people who live here". "We cared for them like family".

Richard Beltran, a spokesman for Florida Power & Light, said Wednesday: "What we know now is that a portion of the facility did, in fact, have power, that there was a hospital across the parking lot from this facility and that the nursing home was required to have a permanently installed operational generator". "You've got pretty much every federal government agency trying to play a role to help out local communities like the one I'm standing in today".

First lady Melania Trump is paying tribute to the victims of recent hurricanes as she and her husband host a dinner at the White House. "It's unnecessary. You could spit on the hospital", Craig said. "If not maintained, the emergency generator may fail without staff being aware", according to the inspectors' report.

"We're probably looking at across-the-board 15 to 20 per cent increase in property insurance costs over the next year", says Brad Hubbard, the Tampa owner of an insurance agency and an engineering consulting firm specializing in flood risk. There were overflowing trash bins, rusty air conditioning vents, soiled bathtubs and cracked or missing bathroom floor tiles. "You're not going to convince a 95-year-old Holocaust survivor to do something that she doesn't want to do". Memorial Regional Hospital is yards away from the nursing home.

"That is a hard proposition", she said.

"She said, 'It's very hot in here, ' and the staff said, 'Yes, it is, '" Dean said.

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