Published: Wed, September 27, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Mexicans' response to quake like 'hopping on a torrent of solidarity'

Mexicans' response to quake like 'hopping on a torrent of solidarity'

Tuesday marks one week since the 7.1 magnitude quake struck around lunchtime, killing 331 people, damaging 11,000 homes and leading to a outpouring of civilian volunteers to aid and comfort the victims.

There were no immediate reports of major new damage or casualties in the Mexican capital, but there appeared to be some in Oaxaca, including a downed bridge and further damage to homes and other structures already tottering since the earlier quake.

It was among thousands of aftershocks recorded in the wake of that earlier quake, which was the most powerful to hit Mexico in 32 years and killed at least 90 people.

Almost a week after the deadly 7.1 magnitude natural disaster, the hulking wreckage of what used to be a seven-storey building in Mexico City is among the few sites where searchers still hold hope someone could be trapped alive.

The messages on Garcia's phone, seen by Reuters shortly after they were received on Wednesday, could have been delayed due to erratic cell phone coverage in parts of Mexico City after the quake, or the fact that Pacheco's phone signal was blocked by the tons of concrete that kept her trapped in the collapsed building.

Colonel Gili, a member of the Israeli delegation of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers and engineers, said the chief task has been "Trying to locate far without any success but we have been able to find some bodies after the rubble".

"Being at a funeral and seeing all the pain that one minute caused has changed me", she said.

The city government said 60 people had been rescued since the quake hit at midday on Tuesday. "We have come to support the UNAM brigade to detect people and rescue them", said Jean Louis Zuniga, an amateur dog trainer who turned up at a collapsed building with several of his charges, including a labrador, a border collie, a boxer and a pitbull. Some buildings did not fall immediately, giving people time to escape, and some shattered but left air spaces where occupants survived.

The latest quake struck around 90 miles southeast of Mexico City, shattering glass, shearing off the sides of buildings and leaving others in dusty piles of destruction.

Aftershocks on Saturday spread fear among Mexico's traumatised population, and a plume of ash spewed from the Popocatepetl volcano in another reminder of the country's volatile geology.

As the Chihuahua, now called "Camila", emerges from the destroyed building bystanders cheer with happiness.

This quake occurred 32 years to the day after the one of 1985 that devastated Mexico city in which more than 10,000 dead and up to 30,000 according to some estimates.

Shawn Mendes has announced that he is partnering with Red Cross to raise money and bring awareness to those in need after a devastating natural disaster hit Mexico on Tuesday, September 19. There were also 74 deaths in Morelos state, 45 in Puebla state, 13 in Mexico state, six in Guerrero state and one in Oaxaca state, according to the latest figures Monday night from authorities. "We're not there yet", Cross said.

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