Published: Sat, September 23, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Mexican Grand Prix to go ahead despite natural disaster

Mexican Grand Prix to go ahead despite natural disaster

NEW YORK/MEXICO CITY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2017-Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has deployed four psychosocial support teams in several areas of Mexico City and is closely evaluating the psychological and medical needs in the state of Morelos following the powerful quake that struck on September 19, said the worldwide medical humanitarian organization on Thursday.

After 9/11, a group of moles travelled to New York City to help search for bodies at Ground Zero.

The death toll from Tuesday's 7.1-magnitude natural disaster in central Mexico has climbed to 273, the government said on Thursday.

But while newer apartment blocks and helipad-crowned skyscrapers have been constructed to withstand earthquakes, many older buildings remain at risk, said experts.

Volunteers relay buckets filled with debris away from the school.

Thirty nine buildings have collapsed in Mexico City, while in the state of Morelos at least 2,000 houses have been damaged.

"There are limits to what can be done when there's buildings constructed decades and decades ago, (and) there's lots of informal settlements", said UNISDR's Glasser. In Mexico all the new structures are built with that goal because the chances are very high.

"We're trying to put out there all the information relevant to how people can help".

Mexico's location makes it particularly vulnerable to earth tremors.

Silvia Novoa, director of aid agency World Vision Mexico, which is helping coordinate quake relief, said disaster preparation and response have dramatically improved in Mexico City since 1985, but other places have made slower progress.

Describing how he rescued a woman called Joanna at 5 am on Wednesday from beneath a collapsed building, Guevara said the "intense emotion" of finding someone alive was all the motivation he needed to do the risky work. "You need to make arrangements and be prepared in your own home..."

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