Published: Mon, September 11, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Macron: France will continue to support Greece

Macron: France will continue to support Greece

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said Greece planned to exit its global bailout next August, putting an end to years of crisis and uncertainty.

Accompanied by French entrepreneurs, Macron said the French wanted to invest in Greece's recovery.

Macron "reiterated the worldwide community's condemnation of North Korea's provocations", the French president's office told AFP.

Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly said on Friday, September 8, that French President Emmanuel Macron and France could play a constructive role in restarting talks on North Korea after speaking to the French president on the phone as reported by the state media. "I believe in a European sovereignty that will allow us to defend ourselves and to exist". "We were, we are and we will be here", he said, underlining that this bond will continue to be strong.

An analysis published on the day in which Emmanuel Macron, official travel in Greece, explained that the approach of the first protests against his reform of the labour Code, he didn't give in to the pressure: "I do not give away nothing, or lazy, or cynical, or to the extreme", he assured in the garden of the French School of Athens.

"The eurozone must show solidarity", Macron said.

He added that his government was intent on creating a healthier environment for investments "by means of a plan for constant reforms" with the ultimate goal of generating much-needed jobs.

Greek government sources indicated that they were satisfied with the visit by Macron, noting that his references to the need for more democracy in Europe pointed to a close alignment with positions that have been expressed by Tsipras.

Macron helped bridge differences between the fund and some euro zone member states, including Germany.

"I don't think that having the International Monetary Fund supervise European programmes is a good method. the credibility and sovereignty of Europe justified doing things differently", Macron said.

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