Published: Tue, September 12, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

IOS 11 GM leak confirms D22 "iPhone 8" features

IOS 11 GM leak confirms D22

In addition to Portrait Lighting the new iPhone 8, or perhaps even 7s and 7s Plus, will be able to take Full HD video in unbelievable 240 frames per second, and even doubles the 4K video framerate to 60 fps. The firmware also reveals that the iPhone 8's display will have a 2436x1125 resolution. 9to5Mac has thoroughly inspected the GM and reported its findings here.

Here we go. W're digging through the iOS 11 GM we received this evening to unpack what we can learn about the D22 "iPhone 8" and the rest of the lineup ahead of Apple's big unveiling on Tuesday.

The iOS 11 GM reveals what appear to be wallpapers that are specifically created to take advantage of the superlative contrast ratios of OLED displays with some vibrant wallpapers.

But the new leak did share something more interesting - new wallpapers for the iPhone 8. Now, the iOS 11 GM built suggests the iPhone 8 to have a resolution of 1125x2436 pixels and also come with True Tone colour feature that first appeared in the iPad Pro. Does it mean, Portrait Mode in the new iPhone will have flash support?

In addition to the portrait, the iPhone 8 camera will also have new video recording resolution and capture speeds.

Apple is expected to replace the Touch ID with Face ID - a new feature that will be used to unlock the iPhone using facial recognition technology. Apple is taking aim at users who have embraced emojis and is including ones that are animated in iOS 11. These would be more like personal emojis. The sleep/wake button is now called the side button and can invoke Siri and Apple Pay cards.

The same leak also reveals the preview image showcasing the new Apple Watch with a new face and red-accented digital crown, a signal meter and a hint at wireless LTE connectivity. Anyone calling your number will connect to your Watch or iPhone directly.

Just when you thought that Apple's Messages app wouldn't get any more busy with Snapchat-like features, Animojis are born.

Judging by these leaks, it now looks like we can expect three new iPhones, at least one, new Apple Watch, a new 4K ready Apple TV and slightly redesigned AirPods.

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