Published: Sun, September 24, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

India slams 'Terroristan' at United Nations: 10 points from India's response

India slams 'Terroristan' at United Nations: 10 points from India's response

Calling for collective efforts to disrupt terrorist networks, their financing and movement, Swaraj, without naming Pakistan as such, said: "Their weapons supply, training and political support must be systematically cut off". What have you produced?

"We firmly believe in the multilateral trading system that is fair, open and transparent with WTO at its centre", Swaraj was quoted as saying by external affairs ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar. Pakistan's Prime Minister must answer why his nation spurned this offer. Those listening had only one observations: "Look who's talking!" "A country that has crossed all limits by its brutality and slaughtered innocents was teaching us about humanity", Ms Swaraj said.

Taking a dig at Pakistan, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj today asked its leaders to introspect as to why India is recognised as a global IT superpower while Pakistan is infamous as the "pre- eminent export factory for terror".

Mr Modi hailed Ms Swaraj's speech as "excellent" and "insightful".

"I hope we can work together to give this ambitious agenda practical shape in coming months", Sushma added. "She had the option of taking the high road and ignoring his comments, but clearly India wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to pillory Pakistan on the world stage".

Swaraj, who arrived NY last Sunday, spent a major part of her day on Friday giving final touches to her speech.

Referring to the steps taken by her government to financially strengthen the poor, she said, "We have linked 30 crore people to banks".

Pakistan, she said, had allowed the joint decision in 2015 to have a "Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue", which was proposed by former PM Nawaz Sharif. The reality is that Pakistans politicians remember everything, manipulate memory into a convenience. "While a doctor saves lives, jihadis kill", she said. She had also met the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Shiekh Hasina, though the issue of the Rohingyas was not brought up. Early reform of the UNSC is an essential element of our overall effort to reform the United Nations, she said. Ms Swaraj had certain uncomfortable questions for the United Nations and global community as well.

Terrorism is the most important problem for which the United Nations is exploring for solutions. We are eliminating poverty by investing in the poor.

Swaraj is expected to raise issues like the global fight against terrorism, climate change and the Security Councils reform in her address to UNGA.

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