Published: Mon, September 18, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Icelandic PM calls snap election due to child sex abuse scandal

Icelandic PM calls snap election due to child sex abuse scandal

The Icelandic prime minister and leader of Independence Party added that he aimed to call for elections this November.

The outgoing government party Bright Future made its decision to quit the coalition due to a "breach of trust", after the prime minister's party purportedly tried to cover up a scandal involving Mr Benediktsson's father.

Under Icelandic law, "restoring honour" means a person can have their "civil standing" restored - allowing people with serious convictions to apply for certain jobs without erasing their criminal records.

The government has also been accused of an attempted cover-up after it initially refused to disclose who had written the letter of recommendation.

Together the three parties held the slimmest of majorities - 32 of the 63 seats in parliament following the October 29 election, which was called after the former prime minister resigned amid protests over his offshore holdings that were revealed in the Panama Papers leak.

The Bright Future party announced it was withdrawing from the three-party coalition after nine months in office.

04 of having raped his stepdaughter nearly every day for 12 years.

Benediktsson, whose name appeared in the Panama Papers scandal that revealed offshore tax havens, had delayed the release of a report on tax evasion during the legislative campaign.

Sveinsson said he had not discussed the letter with anyone. Iceland's economy is booming after the government earlier this year dismantled the last of the capital controls that had been in place since 2008. I did not think of it as something that would justify Hjalti's position towards his victim. "I am calling an election", he said. "I told Hjalti to face his action and to repent", BBC quoted him as saying.

"What was supposed to be a small gesture of good will towards a convicted criminal has instead turned into a continuation of the tragedy for his victim. For this I again apologize", he said in an emailed statement.

When it emerged that some government officials had kept information from the public about a letter seeking to expunge Hauksson's record, the Bright Future Party said it was pulling out.

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