Published: Sat, September 16, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

'I believe in the First Amendment and boobs'

'I believe in the First Amendment and boobs'

Host Brooke Baldwin was shocked and appalled.

As Travis tried to continue his point, Baldwin kept returning to the comment, trying to clarify whether Travis had said "booze" or "boobs".

"That had absolutely nothing to do with sports, and they said, look, you can't have this opinion, it's too conservative, we're not going to allow it", Travis reasoned.

Keith Reed's and Baldwin's faces really say it all, don't they?

"Boobs", Travis responded. "The two things that have never let me down".

That was. I was one of those thought bubbles "did he actually say that on MY SHOW?!"

"Why are you sitting here, live on CNN - why would you even say that live on national television and with female host?"

"I'm astonished at nearly everything I just heard", Reed said before castigating Travis for what he perceived as sexist remarks.

Baldwin was understandably stunned and wasn't sure she heard Travis correctly, but he continued to repeat the word over and over.

Travis later added that he "triggered" CNN with his views, adding that he says it every day on his own program.

While Travis was clearly having fun with all this, neither Baldwin nor Reed was amused.

Sanders doubled down at a Friday press briefing, saying, "ESPN has been hypocritical, they should hold anchors to a fair and consistent standard". You believe in the First Amendment and b-o-o-b-s? "I love the First Amendment as well".

The freakish segment quickly captured the attention of social media, and Baldwin herself chose to personally comment on the matter.

Travis, a radio and TV commenter for Fox Sports 1, has been a vocal critic of ESPN for what he sees as hypocritical treatment of Jemele Hill, who called Trump a white supremacist on Twitter, compared to that of former baseball analyst Curt Schilling.

"That was entirely inappropriate and just forgive me that it took a second".

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