Published: Fri, September 29, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

How Myanmar expelled the majority of its Rohingya

How Myanmar expelled the majority of its Rohingya

But humanitarian groups say that in addition to those who have fled to Bangladesh, say many people are displaced within Rakhine and hundreds of thousands lack food, shelter and medical care. Violent clashes in the Rakhine State continued in 2012 and 2015, displacing more Rohingya.

ARSA, in last night's statement, said it "categorically denies that any of its members or combatants perpetrated murder, sexual violence, or forcible recruitment" in the area where the Hindu bodies were found.

Access to the area by relief agencies and global media has been heavily controlled by Myanmar's army and government.

"The government has put the Myanmar Red Cross in charge of aid to the state, with the help of the International Committee of the Red Cross".

"The global community and the government of Myanmar must work together towards a peaceful solution to this complex conflict one which upholds the rights of civilians of all communities involved", said Samir Kalra, Hindu American Foundation (HAF) senior director and author of Hindus in South Asia & the Diaspora: A Survey of Human Rights, 2017. Rakhine Buddhists are the majority in the state and deadly communal violence has erupted several times in the past.

The United States said the army response to the insurgent attacks was "disproportionate" and the crisis raised questions about Myanmar's transition to democracy after decades of military rule.

"Burma has taken great strides forward in recent years, but the ongoing violence and humanitarian crisis in Rakhine risks derailing that progress".

Myanmar rejects accusations of ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity but Suu Kyi has faced scathing criticism and calls for her Nobel prize to be withdrawn.

The verification process, based on principles to which both Myanmar and Bangladesh agreed in 1993, will be carried out at Taungpyo Latwe village for those who return by road and at Naguya village for those who come back by waterways, agencies quoted the minister as saying.

He added that the Rohingyas have tried to interrupt in the functioning of Myanmar Government.

Contradicting his own party's stand, Gandhi wanted the government to consider granting refugee status to Rohingyas from Myanmar.

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