Published: Mon, September 18, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Honeymoon plane request was about national security - Mnuchin

Honeymoon plane request was about national security - Mnuchin

Another way to provide Mnuchin with access to secure communications was instead found, and the Treasury Department deemed his request to be unnecessary, officials said.

In August, hundreds of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's former Yale University classmates wrote a letter calling on him to resign.

Mnuchin has claimed that his use of government aircraft, which costs about $25,000 an hour, was due to a need for a "secure communications facility" while traveling.

It appears that in explaining why his trip to Kentucky during last month's eclipse wasn't about seeing the eclipse, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin took a dig at the state, according to the Washington Post.

Mnuchin's office has also strongly denied that the secretary's opportunity to watch the solar eclipse within the so-called "path of totality" factored into his decision to visit Kentucky at that time, which included meetings on tax reform and a tour of Fort Knox. But he's just a regular guy from NY - not one of those eclipse elites from the sticks - so he wants you to know that he didn't really give a shit about the top astronomical event of the century.

Mnuchin said he spends "probably over 50 percent" of his time on national security issues and sanctions and speaks to President Donald Trump and officials such as Defense Secretary James Mattis nearly daily.

Speaking at the POLITICO Pro Policy Summit on Thursday, Mnuchin described the controversy over the request as overblown.

A former Goldman Sachs executive, Hollywood producer and banker, Mnuchin is a one of a cadre of wealthy Trump administration officials.

After the Yale alumni told Mr. Mnuchin that he had a moral obligation to quit Mr. Trump's cabinet, Mr. Mnuchin issued a statement denouncing hate, defending the president and refusing to quit.

"Aw! Did you think this was a personal trip?!"

Critics slammed Mnuchin's request, characterizing it as another example of the treasury secretary attempting to use tax payer dollars to fund personal travel.

Two people familiar with the matter say Linton was not aware that her husband had requested government travel for their honeymoon before making that comment.

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