Published: Thu, September 14, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Great white shark washes up on Manly Beach in Sydney's north

Great white shark washes up on Manly Beach in Sydney's north

The poor little thing washed up mid-morning on Monday with apparent injuries to its lower mouth, prompting beachgoers to call in the team at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary after a number of unsuccessful attempts to help the shark back into the water.

A child incredible white shark has been safeguarded in the wake of appearing on Manly Beach in Sydney's north.

"Fluffy" was finally released into the open ocean after being loaded into a tank of water on a boat Tuesday.

Manly Sea Life confirmed to 7News that the shark is a juvenile great white after earlier reports it was a mako.

He was transported to a nearby swimming pool he where could be observed by experts as they ascertained whether he was well enough to be released.

The 1.8m shark thrashed around at Manly Beach in Sydney while the shark alarm went off.

It was then placed in a tub of water and taken on the back of a ute to the Sea Life Sanctuary, to recover from its ordeal. (9NEWS) Fluffy' spent yesterday afternoon in the Fairy Bower pools.

'White sharks are generally found in off-shore environments and are strong swimmers so it is really unusual for one to wash up like this, ' he said.

"The guys needed to work fairly quickly and lifted the shark into the pool and down the steps".

'We are hoping that it sort of mistakenly found its way into an area and got a bit tired and exhausted and then stressed with the waves and all the people around it, ' he told Nine Network.

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