Published: Thu, September 07, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Google makes YouTube Live faster and more accessible to users

Google makes YouTube Live faster and more accessible to users

In addition to ReplayKit support, YouTube also announced a new ultra low-latency feature that produces "near real-time interaction with limited buffering".

Finally, YouTube is adding the ability for streamers to share hidden user lists across comments and live chat, as well as the ability to more easily stream certain mobile games directly from YouTube's main mobile app. Another lets you check for inappropriate messages and hold them for approval. Someone will now be able to pause chat feeds by pressing of the "alt/option" then go over messages to remove or approve as per discretion.

Speaking of back and forth with viewers, YouTube is also adding new comment moderation features for live streamers.

As stated earlier, the entire process is to make YouTube Live, a more functional and efficient feature for the user. And as a user continues to review more, the system will slowly but surely become better at identifying which messages you are most likely to approve and which ones should be discarded. So let's dive in to see how YouTube aims to bridge the gap between the process of live streaming.

The key objective of having a lower latency is for live chat, and there are also some new tools to make those messages easier to moderate. An increasingly popular feature is live streaming, and Google has just announced some improvements created to make YouTube Live "faster, easier and more accessible". It is also using tools for easier chat moderation, which includes the ability to assign a moderator who can handle the chat during a live stream. This new feature can be helpful for streamers to live stream for mobile gaming tutorials wherein the person can use the front camera and mic to add their own audio-visual taste to the stream. That means one would live stream while playing games or doing something else like doodling in the Notes app.

YouTube first launched its livestreaming service in 2013. A recent report from StreamLabs confirmed that YouTube is seeing growth in viewership and users, especially compared to Twitch, but the latter company is superior at monetizing its viewership. It helps that there are a myriad options, including Facebook Live and Twitter's Periscope.

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